Online Treatment

I am a qualified homeopathic physician from Cochin kerala, India. I can prescribe medicine only for the patients in India and in those countries which recognize a doctor degree from India. For the patients outside India I certainly can and do advice medicine; however he or she is free to consult a doctor before taking the medicine.

Please fill up the consultation form only if you really seek an advice from me. I take every patient seriously.

Please make sure the email address you provide in the form is correct. Please cross check. I only advice per email. If the email address you provide is wrong, I will not be in position to help you.

Privacy Policy No information, email or any other details provided in the consultation form will ever be disclosed to any one or any company. There wouldn’t be any marketing or advertising or news-letters from me.

Age Restriction Please click the below link only if you are above 18 years old. If your are below 18 years, please sure this site under the guidance of your parents or guardians.

Payment Options


4 Month

8 Month

12 Month

Group I: USA, Canada

US$ 150

US$ 250

US$ 375

Group II: Europe, Australia

€ 125

€ 210

€ 310

Group III: Asia, Africa

US$ 110

US$ 200

US$ 300

Group IV:India (Patients Residing within India)

Rs. 400

Rs. 800

Rs. 1000

Group V: Dubai & Middle East

DHS 300

DHS 500

DHS 1000

* Include consultation, medication and courier charges
* DD/MO Should be taken in favour of Dr. Wilton Noronha, and should be mail to the following address.

Dr.Wilton Noronha
Res: Wilna Villa , Post Office Road
Vaduthala P.O. Kochi- 682 023,Kerala, India

* Medications will be dispatched after the receipt of DD/ Cheque/MO with in 7 working days.