Homeopathy is a daring natural treatment, taking the view that true healing implies healing on all levels of existence by addressing and reinforcing the life force. In homeopathy healing means becoming free from anything that blocks inner peace, balance and wellness. On the physical plane this means curing the physical symptoms, for instance nausea or a headache. On the emotional plane this could for example mean freeing yourself of fears. On the mental plane this could imply losing your depression or certain delusions. As a result of the disappeared blockages the life-energy can flow freely again, thus supporting your spiritual growth. Therefore homeopathy claims to heal complete beings - not diseases. Homeopathy mainly works with the sub-atomic reality; it goes beyond matter, consciously pointing a specific type of energy towards a unique person or animal. How does that work?

The starting point is the vital force, the life force, the unseen principle that enlivens the body and constantly attempts to keep it healthy and balanced, enabling the soul to express itself in the material world. In former days homeopaths like J.T. Kent called it simple substance. This life force is influenced by inner and outer changes (surroundings!) If our physical, emotional and mental bodies are in harmony, or, like Kent says if the will, the intellect and the body of an individual work together, we see a healthy person.When these bodies do not cooperate, what means that you leave the path your soul wishes to take, or that you find yourself in destructive surroundings, inner balance will be disturbed, the life force will be (partly) blocked and disease can enter.

This life force is ruled by the soul. The soul is our divine part, unassailable by any influence. So the life force is the highest part in us that can be altered in a positive way; and that's exactly what homeopathy does. The life force is immaterial and therefore homeopathy tries to reach the immaterial level; it does so by the process of potentizing the remedies. Through a process of alternatively diluting and vigorously shaking a tincture we gradually leave the material reality and free the core, the soul of the substance, enabling it to meet the core of our disturbance and heal it through resonance. In a dilution above D30 or C9 you won't find a molecule left of the original substance; this is why materialistic orientated science tells you that homeopathy cannot work, and this is where homeopathy gets really enthusiastic about the healing properties of the remedies used.

So now the essence of the remedy is freed, but which patient needs which remedy? Homeopathy states that the symptoms of a patient lead you the way, because these symptoms are the expression of the disturbance in the person. Already the Greek physician Hippo crates explained that diseases could be cured by the same or by the opposite. In homeopathy a remedy that causes certain symptoms in a healthy person cures the same symptoms in an ill person. This explains the name of this treatment: Homeos = same and pathos = suffering; or 'like cures like'. (Recent investigations prove that it is also possible to cure a patient with exactly the opposite remedy of the homeopathic remedy that fits a certain patient).

We come to know the character of a remedy by the system of provings. This means that healthy persons take a remedy in a low potency during a certain timeframe and write down their symptoms and findings. From the totality of described symptoms a drug-image arises; if we meet a patient with symptoms that greatly match the symptoms derived from the provings on healthy persons, and we administer this person a small dose of the potentized medicine, it will surely improve his or her health.

Why? Because the medicine has the same amplitude and frequency as the ill or mistuned person. Through resonance the life force of this person will grow strong enough to restore inner balance by returning to his unique 'ground-tune'. Homeopathy uses a minimum dosage of a medicine and administers it only one time, followed by a philosophy of 'wait and watch' to allow the life force to react on it. So a second remedy will only be given when the first remedy has completely stopped acting. This is done because too large doses can cause accessory symptoms of the remedy, what is unpleasant for the patient, confuses the image of the patients symptoms and slows down the healing-process.

Homeopathy is a very practical natural cure, which knowledge and laws are derived from experience, tests and observation - that's why it is called a science. It requires practice, skill and insight to prescribe the right medicine in the right potency - that's why it is also called an art. When the right energy is consciously pointed into the right direction impressive healing can be the result - that's why I would prefer to call it magic.
But I may be a little prejudiced - after all I am a classical homeopath myself. HOMOEOPATHIC SYSTEM will only develop in our clinical practice, by giving results in our clinical practice, hence all the best to all practitioners � AUEDE SAPERE.